Shopping by Bike

Shopping by bike is easier than you may think and can be as quick as going by car if the shops are less than about 5 km from home. My wife and I do all of our grocery shopping by bike; the round trip is about 5 km. You need a good carrier or basket and combination lock for security. Parking is no problem; lock it up outside the entrance!

Here is my wife with 10 kg of groceries on the folding bike. With a back pack and saddle bags, you can easily carry up to 20 kg.

Walking and cycling have many benefits:

Improves your health and fitness.
Less traffic congestion;  no parking problems.
Prolongs your car’s engine life (less cold starts).


Four 5 km trips each week (or 1000 km per year) by bike or on foot
instead of by car on your own saves:

110 L of fuel
> $170
0.3 t CO2e

I am pictured here loaded with nearly 30 kg of luggage about to depart for the bus station at Southport, a leisurely 5 km ride.  The bike folds up and goes in the bag for plane or bus travel. For this trip I had free transport on arrival at Sydney!




This is my road bike with carriers back and front. We occasionally do a 35 km round trip to Midland from Kalamunda to buy a few items, which involves a work out climbing 280m up the scarp on the return trip.





My wife comes with me on the electric bike, a Powerped 200 W front wheel conversion kit which can be easily fitted to any bike. It’s very torquey and she beats me up the hill!
We can average about 19 km/hour for this trip.