Agricultural Natural Resource Management (NRM)

Ben Rose is the Principal Author of two NRM publications produced in consultation with Industry and Government:

Ben has conducted many small land holder property planning workshops in the South West of WA in conjunction with the WA Dept of Agriculture and Food.

Physical farm planning services

Managing agricultural land entails understanding the soil, land, hydrology and natural vegetation resources. These are mapped and described on several maps overlaid on a rectified colour aerial photograph, together with existing and proposed infrastructure. This provides the landholder with a full and clear picture of their resource.

First, the landholder needs to discuss, clarify and document their aims for their property, for example horticulture, grazing, lifestyle, nature conservation or combinations of these.

Farm planning is then an iterative process of considering enterprise options in the light of the land capability, family aims, capital and operating costs and returns. The farm planning consultant works with the landholder and his family to clarify and document their own farm plan.