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The GHG Energy Calc Vision

The vision is that self-assessment of energy use and emissions, leading to progressive voluntary ‘carbon footprint reduction�will be common practice in households and businesses world-wide.

Towards the vision, this website offers:

GHG-Energy Calc �a user-friendly downloadable emissions and energy calculator �was developed primarily for Australian households and businesses to calculate estimates of their emissions from all primary sources. It is also useful world-wide, as most emission factors (apart from electricity generation) do not vary significantly from country to country.

The free resources are to assist individuals, schools and businesses to make decisions about how to most effectively reduce their ‘carbon footprint�

The first version GHG-Energy Calc was posted on the internet in 2003 and was the first such tool to calculate personal CO2e emissions from all primary sources. It is now perhaps the most comprehensive greenhouse gas emissions calculators available and is downloadable from this website free for non-commercial use.